About Visit Historic Columbus GA
About Visit Historic Columbus GA


About Visit Historic Columbus

Visit Historic ColumbusVisit Historic Columbus is a website designed for visiting tourists to Columbus, Ga. or anyone looking a good time.

Founder Micheal Dukes initiated Columbus Georgia Online way back in 2001 on July 4th. Columbus Georgia Online was a grassroots city private project. It covered news, weather and sports, but the real draw was the locally written articles by CGO’s veteran volunteer staff. The history of the area, written by people who experienced it.

CGO is also a local business directory, but did not include enough about the recent changes in Columbus to make it a World Class Tourist and Vacation Destination.

Visit Historic Columbus was born out of need.

New attractions and restaurants and lodging are blooming like flowers in the Spring. I wanted visitors to our city to have every opportunity to see what Columbus has to offer and to be able to plan their visits, to make the most of their time here..

Lacey Lee Hall of Lacey Lee Photography is our official Visit Historic Columbus photographer. Lacey in fact received training at CSU at the Uptown Columbus campus.

Tyler Dukes, Columbus Tech, handles the technical stuff as we grow and attended Columbus Technical college..

Add Your Business Listing

We encourage local area businesses, geared toward visitors needs, to add their free listing to the pages of Visit Historic Columbus. Or choose a Featured listing with a one time fee, with better exposure. Credit card secure payments, by PAY PAL (Use your own card)

Planning Your Visit to Historic Columbus GA is Easy

Each listing has a “FAVORITES” button out to the right side. Click on the Favorite button and it will add the listing to your favorites page. This feature is only available to registered viewers..We do not collect your information for any reason other than to serve your favorites back to you.

  • Your information is never shared with 3rd parties.
  • We are 100% against SPAM. VHC is a NO SPAM ZONE.

Have fun when you Visit Historic Columbus GA. Come see us soon.

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